October 2, 2008

flying objects by Andrew Nye now available

Late to the party but decked out in full regalia, flying objects by Andrew Nye is now available for sale.  This first chapbook from Cold Green Tea Press is a 7"x 5.5", 32 page staple-bound book of poems. The cover image was printed with a Gocco press by the author.  

It can be purchased through paypal (see sidebar) for $6 plus $1 shipping in the 'States; email for shipping if you live outside the 'States.  It is also available in select stores-- see sidebar for details.


Postcards from Crete

Bullseye BAIL BONDS because jail sucks
on a matchbox in the one public ashtray
under the overhang of Post One Tower
where elevator men in greased coveralls
unload gigantic crankshafts onto a dolly
with swivel wheels and hand brakes

Coded messages conveniently placed
around the coffee house
on the ground floor listening to the grinder
grinding grounds for espresso
nonfat, half n’ half
2% milk

A vagrant points out I should be grateful for what I have
the roof over my head: “just telling it like it is, cuz”
but doesn’t want to hear it

She loves me; she loves me not

Dear staff: I am cleaning out the refrigerator on Wednesday
so please mark items you want or else they’ll be thrown away
especially if they look gross

Minus a co-worker’s spinach salad
with raspberry vinaigrette
Thou shall not steal
stars bigger than stomachs
or joys five times Colossus
on the chalkboard 100 times

Receiving postcards from Crete
with rendezvous & secret password
the lines of the letters curve
like strands of RNA
detailing directions
to the Paramount Theatre
showing Hitchcock’s Notorious

She loves me more or less

P.S. If you flake again after I’ve saved your ass
         I’m leaving you for Daedalus

© 2008 Andrew Nye

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F.L/ D.L. said...

I like where this seems to be going. We have similar interests and goals, so come visit us sometime.