July 8, 2011

The Suspect by Andrew Nye

Cold Green Tea Press is excited to announce the release of The Suspect, Andrew Nye's second chapbook of poems.  

The poems in The Suspect inhabit a strange zoo of a world where fairy tales, city life, curious animals, film noir and unexpected encounters make themselves known all at once.  In this absurd yet tantalizingly familiar world, the suspect wanders between exultation and travail, encountering setbacks but never retreating.

The Suspect by Andrew Nye
7"x 5.5"
Hand-cut and sewn

Paper: high-quality offset text 
Cover: 110lb cardstock
ISBN: 978-0-9824384-4-2
$7 + 1 shipping
(email for shipping if outside the US)


The brown bear

The suspect witnessed within her eyes
all visible astronomical phenomena

the moon waxed and waned
the sun galloped its path through the constellations
stars spun around the celestial pole
like a nude dancer dusted with glitter

he predicted the coming rains
calculated his exact location with a sextant
and threw dice into the cosmic abyss

Would you like to have coffee? 

The motion of her lips instigated a riot
in the frontal lobe of his cerebral cortex


His ears quivered with the music of the spheres
and for an instant, he knew the outcome of all things

He wanted to rest his head on her shoulder
feel the shores of her warm skin on his cheek

As she stood to leave, handing him her card

he glimpsed between the peaks of her cuspids
a marvelous brown bear swimming in the sea

© 2011 Andrew Nye

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