October 2, 2009

Lemon by Motojiro Kajii

Lemon by Motojiro Kajii
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Announcing a new chapbook from Cold Green Tea Press:
Lemon by Motojiro Kajii
Translated from the Japanese by Chinatsu Komori and Kenneth Traynor
* 28 page handmade book: 4.25" x 5.5", staple-bound.
* 11 black and white interior images printed via color laser.
* Full color photograph mounted on the front cover.

$10 + $1.50 shipping US
Motojiro Kajii (1901-1932) was a Japanese writer who has rarely been translated into English. Although a relatively unknown writer during his short life, published in only a few literary magazines, Motojiro Kajii's poetic short stories are recognized today as masterpieces in Japan.

Lemon is available through the cold green tea press.


nihon distractions said...

I read Lemon a while ago and loved it,i'd be really interested in giving this a read!,will it be available on Amazon Japan?.

kt said...

Thanks for your comment. We hope to have Lemon available in Japan within the next two months. Meanwhile, it can be bought directly from the etsy store from Japan. If you'd prefer not to use etsy, send us an email and we'll work something out.

Scott said...

Hello kt, I stumbled across Cold Green Tea Press via Flickr and have enjoyed reading through the posts. I would love to purchase a copy of Lemon but I am in the UK and you don't have any listings on Etsy at the moment. Do you still have any copies avaialable? If you have could you email me to arrange. I can be contacted on
Best Wishes, Scott